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In a Fast-Paced World, Clothing Brand Allen Schwartz Dares to Slow Down

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Sustainability has become a major buzzword in the fashion industry, gaining increasing attention from consumers and designers alike. As the buzz around all things eco-friendly builds, many brands are admirably starting to incorporate sustainable practices into their businesses – but some have been green from the word “go.” In fact, for Allen Schwartz, environmental impact has been a focus since day one.

Founded in 2017 by the designer of the same name, Allen Schwartz’s advanced contemporary collection offers vintage-inspired, timeless silhouettes, combined with modern fabrics and textures. From conceptualization to manufacturing, every piece is created in the company’s downtown Los Angeles showroom and designed to be a part of a women’s wardrobe for many years.

Allen Schwartz will be making its Fashion Industry Gallery debut at Fall 1 Market, March 25 – 27, 2020. In this special Q&A with Head Designer and Creative Director, Bianca Bernal, we will dive deeper into the brand’s advocacy for slow fashion and the steps they take to move towards a more sustainable future.

F.I.G.: What prompted Allen Schwartz to pursue sustainability as the foundation of the brand?

Bianca Bernal:  Slow fashion has always been in our company’s DNA. For us as a company and as individuals, we always ask: Why not do better if we can do better?

What methods does the company use to be sustainable?

We implement sustainable practices wherever possible. Being made in Los Angeles allows us to oversee both the working environment and quality of manufacturing in each of our facilities. All of our packaging is recyclable and made from reused materials. As technology has improved, it has also enabled us to switch our core fabrics to sustainable alternatives. For example, we use Luxe Satin from natural wood pulp, regenerated wool from post-consumption yarns and 100% recycled polyester, to name a few. Our business partners are held to the same ethical standards we employ, and we actively seek to collaborate with people who share our beliefs.

How do you design with sustainability in mind?

My approach to design has always been to create something that will stand the test of time. As much as I acknowledge current trends, it is not what drives me when conceptualizing a collection. I believe that creating pieces that are timeless and of great quality, pieces that can be worn for a long period of time, is, in itself, sustainable.

Have you seen a link between sustainability and the success of the brand?

As we transition and steadily grow a more conscious collection the response has been very positive. We have current, and potentially new accounts who also believe in generating awareness about mindful fashion. We are looking forward to partnering with other people, mills and vendors who are on the same path.

Explore Allen Schwartz in the SHOP Juried Temporaries at Fashion Industry Gallery’s Fall 1 Market, March 25-27, 2020. Open to the trade; click here to register to attend.


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