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JAN 10

Get Fit

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FIG Facts Friday: The “Get Fit” Resolution

The New Year brings the busiest months for gyms as everyone is resolving to lose that holiday weight. The task can be daunting, so we wanted to bring you some of our favorite ways to kill the monotony of getting fit in 2014.

  1. New clothes: We love showing off our new purchases, and what better way to motivate us to exercise than buying new active wear? Vimmia will be in SHOP at January market, and their bottoms are to die for!
  2. Fun shoes: Complete the new outfit with flair – KIM&ZOZI Shoes take the boring out of those old high-tops. Get out of that tiresome treadmill routine and wear these to the park with your dog or an up-beat dance class!
  3. Shape wear: Sometimes you have to fake it till you make it! Cosabella gives shape wear a sexier look with lace and color.
  4. Juice it: The Gem in Dallas has a variety of options for that juice cleanse to rid your body of toxins and help kick off your new year with a few less pounds. We love the Green Glow!

Dieting can be discouraging; hopefully these tips will give you new or renewed motivation! What else do you do to kick your rear in gear?

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Patrizia Patrizia said...
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Alexandr Alexandr said...
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