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OCT 17

Featured Guest Designer :: Megan Baca of Chaser

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  1. Tell us a little about yourself. I was born and raised in Southern California; I went to UC Santa Barbara and studied Spanish and French literature. I lived in Granada, Spain and Toulouse, France in my early twenties during and after college. I then went back to school to pursue my dream of becoming a designer and attended FIDM in downtown LA to study fashion design.
  2. What inspired the launch into the retail world and when?  We decided to open our first Chaser store two years ago on our home turf in Los Angeles.  It just felt like the right time to open our doors and expose the world to the Chaser experience.  I designed the interior and found so much satisfaction being able to see my vision come to life; it took the brand to the next level.
  3. How would you describe the brand aesthetic?  We are raised on rock and roll with a beachy, bohemian vibe that epitomizes the Southern California lifestyle.  Easy, comfy, & cool. 
  4. Did you always work in fashion? What did you do for work prior to Chaser? While still in school for fashion design at FIDM, I took my first internship at Trina Turk, which became a design assistant position.  After that, I became an assistant and then associate designer at Three Dots, and then took a designer position at Sanctuary, and then became the head designer at LA Made, I was then given the title of creative design director at Michael Stars, and then became the VP of design at Chaser, and ultimately became a partner in the company.
  5. Who is your customer? Our customer is a lot of amazing people; we have contemporary women of all ages, men and kids. They are all brought together by the common bond of a love for cool style.
  6. Has the brand always carried Women’s, Men’s, and Children’s?   The brand is primarily known for women's styles and now a growing number of people are coming to us for kids, which we launched about 4-5 years ago, we did men’s in the past but just brought it back in its latest form for Spring 17, we love evolving the brand and making it a go-to resource for the whole family.
  7. What inspires you? I am inspired by so many things, I love to travel, I love revisiting history and eras past, I love just going to the beach, I am inspired by my surroundings, nature, music, art, friends, family, and love.
  8. Do you have a favorite season to design for? YES YES YES, Summer is my number one favorite, then Resort and then Holiday!  They are all so much fun.
  9. What’s your go-to essential for any outfit?  The perfect leather jacket, white ribbed tank, skinny black jeans and booties... Classic cool, you can't go wrong.
  10. What's the biggest struggle you've faced thus far in your career?  I really can't complain. I have worked for some pretty amazing companies, been able to have some amazing mentors in the industry and am now partnered into a brand I feel very connected to.  Of course there are hard times, struggles and ups and downs, but perseverance has always paid off, and knowing that trusting my instincts both creatively and in business has always brought me greater success, I look forward to the future.  The only real struggle is finding the impossible balance between work and motherhood, as there are not enough hours in the day, days in the week, weeks in the month, and months in the year.  But you must make the best of it and be grateful for having a full life.
  11. What’s your proudest moment? My proudest moment I think is yet to come, as I always keep my eye on the future, that is how I keep my focus, and build.  Always looking to what is next keeps us moving forward.
  12. What's next for the brand? We are talking about possibly opening more retail stores, and expanding into some fun new accessories categories like flip flops and hats, lots more in the works but don't want to put the cart before the horse.
  13. Any upcoming trends you see popping up?   There are so many trends out there, my feeling is that not every trend is for every brand, the trick is to not follow all of them because I feel that then you are just trying to compete with everyone, but if you stay true to your brand, your vision, and your signature style, you will stand out and last longer.
  14. What advice would you give aspiring fashion students about reaching their dreams in today’s world? Intern, intern and intern, get out there, meet people, get inside of companies, help out in any way possible.  There is so much to learn, you have no idea how the experience you are getting now, will give you valuable perspective later.  Tap your resources, get to know your mentors, there is a world of knowledge out there for you, the more you go for it, the more you will get from it.
**All Pictures are compliments of Chaser Brand.

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