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JUN 14

Necklace Trends to Wear All Summer Long

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Let’s kick off the start of summer with a hot trend for jewelry. You’ve seen statement necklaces of all shapes and sizes, but these statements are taking things literally. Say what you mean with clever phrases on your favorite accessories, or show your love for home state for a fun summer trend. Here are a few of our favorites...

Girls That Slay Collection by Bracha- (2 Fourteen Showroom) retails for $70

Mini Cactus Necklace by Gemelli- (Wildbloom Sales) retails for $42

Texas Outline Necklace by Farrah B Jewelry- (2 Fourteen Showroom) retails for $48

Half Moon Crescent Necklace by Joy Dravecky- (Myn Showroom) retails for $98

Our Guardian Angels set of two by Dogeared- (Kristi Harris Sales) retails for $136

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