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FEB 13

Perfect Gifts For Her :: Valentines Edition

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Valentine’s Day is today and getting the perfect something for your friends or even your special someone can be very difficult.  This Valentine’s Day we have rounded up the perfect pieces for your SO & BFF! Rest assured, the last thing you will be worried about is your gift! So make sure you do something nice for someone special in your life this Holiday!


1. Swell- Infared Bottle (SHOP; March Market) retails for $42

2. Project Social Tee- You Break It You Buy It Sweatshirt (2Fourteen Showroom) retails for $58

3. Quay- Heartbreaked Sunnies in Red (8th Story Showroom) retails for $50

4. Love Token- Adeline Faux Fur Cardigan (WBC Showroom) retails for $245

5. Sundress- Stella Dress (SHOP; March Market) retails for $95

6. Cleobella- Mexicana Soft Clutch (Myn Showroom) retails for $207

7. Madly Yours- Chloee Mini Pouch (LAI Showroom) retails for $55 

8. Joy Dravecky Jewelry- Lue Opal Bezel Stone Earrings (Myn Showroom) retails for $70

9. Dolce Vita- Baez Flats (SHOP; March Market) retails for $130

10. B's Knees- Eliza Candle (Kelly Luedtke Sales) retails for $35

11. Hanky Panky- Valentine Exclusive 3 Pack Low Rise Thong (Mider Group) retails for $74

12. Chaser- Besame Tee (Myn Showroom) retails for $62

13. Paige Denim- Hoxton Straight Ankle Riot Hankerchief Hem (Paige Showroom) retails for $229

**Please contact Hilary Duenner at hilary@fashionindustrygallery.com for wholesale inquiries.

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