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MAY 30

Store Spotlight :: L. Bartlett

posted by: FIG

Laura Freeman is no stranger to the retail industry. As a fourth generation storeowner, it is obvious that retail is in her blood. While her store name stems from her maiden name, Laura Bartlett Bush, it was an SMU college friend who suggested the name years prior to it’s opening. Nine years later, her West Village boutique is still thriving.

L. Bartlett is a women’s contemporary and fast fashion retailer, but its mission is “to create a unique experience for every customer, offering customer service that goes well beyond the typical standard of retail,” Laura says. This is working well for them; many of their customers have become close friends.

With an extensive mix of contemporary and fast fashion, L. Bartlett has something for every budget. Laura loves Dolce Vita, House of Harlow, and J Brand, for trendy and funky looks. Like FIG, L. Bartlett is loving the printed sets, cropped blouses, high-waisted skirts and pants, and well-placed cut outs this season - and they have it all in spades! We loved seeing the full spectrum of colors in their store from some of FIG’s favorite brands like Yumi Kim, Show Me Your MuMu, Wildfor, Dogeared, Yosi Samra, Splendid, and many, many more!

L. Bartlett is implementing a stylist program they are calling “b. haute box.” A stylist will send customers big boxes full of new key items for the season and the customer will have the chance to select and pay for what they love. Laura knows this will be a great opportunity for clients who live further away or have particularly busy schedule.

Keep up with L. Bartlett on Facebook and stop by their store for fabulous fashion finds!

3699 McKinney Ave. #302
Dallas, TX 75204


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