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AUG 26

Store Spotlight :: M.L. Leddy's & Leddy's Ranch

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M.L. Leddy & Leddy’s Ranch are Fort Worth staples, located in the iconic stockyards (M.L. Leddy) and Sundance Square, downtown Fort Worth (Leddy’s Ranch). M.L. Leddy opened his first store in Brady, Texas in 1922. They have moved some but the original Fort Worth stockyard location has been going strong since 1941. Specializing in fine, hand-made leather products like boots, saddles, and belts, Mr. Leddy has run a family business in Texas for almost a decade. The downtown location opened in 2003, and both provide the finest western wear you can find for miles around, maintaining M.L. Leddy’s original ideals of long-lasting, high quality craftsmanship, supported by a staff with top-notch customer service. (They also have a third location in San Angelo, est. 1936.)

The stockyards’ store includes men’s custom tailoring, custom boot fittings, and the Leddy Vaquero stock boot. It has expanded to feature a diverse women’s department, showcasing western attire and contemporary fashions that blend perfectly together. Leddy’s Ranch, downtown, also sells Leddy’s boots alongside a variety of other brands. They have brought in a more trendy, contemporary styles for the “non-die-hard cowboy.” Both boast gifts and home goods perfect for a chic, rustic household.

You can find great brands like Level 99 denim, Fifteen Twenty, Chan Luu, Single, Ecru, and Red 23 in their stores. Football season is upon us, and in Texas, stylish, game-day outfits are a must. Leddy’s has you covered for everything from an authentic cowboy hat and TCU purple boots to lightweight dresses and flirty tops and skirts.

Visit both locations next time you are in Fort Worth!

M.L. Leddy’s
2455 North Main Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76164

Leddy’s Ranch
410 Houston Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76102

… and online and on Facebook!

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