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Store Spotlight :: Mine Boutique

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1. What is the meaning/backstory behind the store name, Mine? What inspired you to open your boutique? Mine happened to be my first word as a child.  I was the middle child so I often felt the need to tell people "that's mine."  So when I finally decided to open a store it only felt natural to let people know that "it's mine." 
2. How long have you been in business? Have you always been at your current location on Lovers Lane? I opened Mine in July 2007, so this year Mine will be 10 years old!  This is our first and only location.  I love Lovers Lane and can't imagine Mine being anywhere else!
3. How would you describe your store? What, if anything, do you specialize in? When I first opened Mine I felt like Lovers Lane was missing a specific price point clothing store.  At the time it was mostly high end or very inexpensive. I wanted something that was stylish but still affordable and we maintain that philosophy still today. We try to keep the price point under $400.  We have dabbled in some high end jewelry, but those are always temporary and very special pieces for Mine.   We really want the price point to be obtainable for most people shopping in our area.
4. What are some of your favorite brands and items you carry? Some of my favorite brands are brands we have carried since the very beginning!  I love Nation t shirts, Citizen jeans, and Amanda Uprichard cocktail dresses. These brands don't deviate too far from their heritage. They maintain classic silhouettes and stay true to their roots, even when they embrace trends. These brands are ones that you can buy and keep for years and years and they never really go out of style.
5. So you attended our latest market, who and what did you buy? What was your favorite piece? We visited plenty of showrooms during the FIG show. One of my favorites was Amanda Uprichard (as I mentioned above). They had some amazing silk and velvet pieces and a few new bodies for them. I am really excited to bring in some of their new styles. I also was obsessed with this bird sweater from Jens Pirate Booty!  I had to order one for myself:)
6. Were you buying any one-item type in particular? We try and keep an open mind at market.  We obviously visit our "go to" brands that we buy at every market, but we are also always on the look out for new pieces to bring into mine! We talk to our customers and get good feedback from them before we hit up a market.
7. Did you purchase any unexpected must-haves / did anything jump out at you that you didn’t know you needed? Like I said before, this Jen's bird sweater is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  I see it being a big seller!
8. What are you planning to purchase for upcoming season? Will you be focusing on anything specific? We like to stay loyal to the brands we have been purchasing season after season.  We really look to them to drive the new and upcoming trends. 
9. What item / trend has been a top seller so far this year? We brought in some earrings from one of our brands that was a new take on the tassel earring that has been so big. People loved them! The high low hem jean from Citizens is hard for us to keep in stock. They executed it perfectly.
10. Is there a specific celebrity style or style icon that inspires you? I have always loved Rachel Zoe's style.  I think she dresses very classic while mixing in trendy pieces.  I am also a huge fan of her signature flare jeans.  I think they look great on almost all body types!
11. What is your favorite part about owning and running a store? I love working with a variety of clients. It is fun meeting and making friendships with so many new and different people.  I am also a psychology major so I get to use that skill set at the store, too!  So many clients use retail as their therapy, wether it be to go and shop or to come to us to vent!  We have heard it all!  Drama with friends, family, children... I also love the buying side of owning a store!  It's exciting to see what is going to be the new hot items for the next season!  I feel like a kid in a candy store every market!
12. Do you have anything big / different planned for the upcoming season or in 2017 in general? We remodeled the store in January 2017, so that was our big plans for the year!  It was a long time coming, but I think the timing was perfect way to celebrate our 10 year anniversary!  I am pleased with the fresh new look of Mine and the customers have responded really well to the new atmosphere!
13. If you are planning on exhibiting at this year’s FIG FINALE: What can we look forward to seeing in your booth? We actually do not participate in FIG finale.  I try and give our customers the opportunity to buy last seasons merchandise at a deep discount in the store first!  We generally sell everything! 

Mine Boutique is located at 4423 Lovers Lane Dallas, TX 75225. You can also visit their WebsiteFacebook, and Instagram!

Mine Boutique



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