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Store Spotlight :: Pieces

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  1. What is the meaning/backstory behind the store name, Pieces? What inspired you to open your boutique? We chose the name Pieces because we liked the play on words of adding “Pieces” to your closet after you go shopping. It’s fun and whimsical, but also simple and to the point.
  2. How long have you been in business? Have you always been at your current location in the Snider Plaza? We opened August 22nd 2011, and we have always been at this location. We love Snider Plaza and the vibe around it…couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.
  3. How would you describe your store? What, if anything, do you specialize in? (If you have more than one location, how do the two stores most differ? When we opened our store, we really wanted to be a one stope shop where you can stop in and get your entire outfit, but at an affordable price….from the shoes to the jeans to the top and accessories. Even if you just need a last minute gift…we have that too!
  4. What are some of your favorite brands and items you carry? We have so many different brands that we love, it’s hard to pinpoint just one. We love our dresses that can carry you from day-to-night. It’s important to have “Pieces” that can carry you from brunch, to showers, to dinners, and even weddings.  
  5. So you attended January market, who and what did you buy? What was your favorite piece? Some of our favorite finds for this Summer were denim skirts, anything and everything off the shoulder or cold shoulder, embroidered pieces, and pastel colors!
  6. Were you buying any one-item type in particular? We were focused on anything that caught our attention! We like to be very open minded at markets.
  7. Did you purchase any unexpected must-haves / did anything jump out at you that you didn’t know you needed? We really loved seeing so many different fun trends come back. Such as gingham, and embroidered dresses and tops, and denim skirts, and button-fly jeans.
  8. What are you planning to purchase for Fall season? Will you be focusing on anything specific? For Fall we love just easy and cozy sweaters that you can’t live without…who doesn’t love comfort J
  9. What item / trend has been a top seller so far this year? Anything embroidered, or in pastel pinks or purples seem to fly out of store so far this year. Like our pastel pink and purple jeans! They’ve been a huge hit.
  10. Is there a specific celebrity style or style icon that inspires you? We don’t have one specific celebrity style that inspires us. But we do love Jennifer Anniston’s easy street style, and Rachel Zoe’s ability to accessorize.
  11. What is your favorite part about owning and running a store? We absolutely love the relationships we have formed with our customers over the last 6.5 years. It makes coming to work such a joy getting to see them every day. We’ve watched our customers kids grow from newborns to their first days of school, and they’ve watched us get married and have kids as well. We also love the merchandising, and buying side of running store. It’s fun to see what you purchase show up and get put on display, and getting fee back from customers.
  12. Do you have anything big / different planned for Fall or in 2018 in general? At the moment the only thing big we have planned is continuing to bring great new and affordable styles to our customers. But…stay tuned…it’s still early in the year!
  13. If you are planning on exhibiting at this year’s FIG FINALE: What can we look forward to seeing in your booth? We actually don’t participate in the FIG FINALE.


Pieces Boutique is located at 6723 Snider Plaza, Dallas, TX 75205. You can visit their website, instagram & Facebook below!

Pieces Boutique

Pieces Boutique- Instagram

Pieces Boutique- Facebook

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