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Store Spotlight :: The Coop

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1. What is the meaning/backstory behind the store name? What inspired you to open your boutique?

The Coop name is a play off the Cooper family name. The inspiration behind the boutique was to provide gear for fitness needs.

2. How long have you been in business? Have you always been at your current location on Preston?

In 1998, the store was brought in-house from an outside vendor operating it. The Coop now offers everything from protein bars to Cooper logo merchandise and designerclothing.

3. How would you describe your store? What, if anything, do you specialize in? (If you have more than one location, how do the two stores most differ?

The Coop inside Cooper Fitness Center offers a unique blend of fitness and contemporary items. While many people refer to us as a Pro Shop, we strive to provide a boutique-style shopping experience. Our goal is to find the hidden gems with beautiful contemporary clothing, modern workout apparel, handmade and unique jewelry pieces andaccessories and vitamins that encourage a healthy lifestyle for our members and guests. A distinctive point about our store is that because we are located inside the fitnesscenter and have so many daily, regular shoppers, we must focus on finding new product lines to keep the store looking fresh.

4. What are some of your favorite brands and items you carry?

We love to change it up, but we also have some staple lines our customers love and expect to see.

Some of our favorite lines have been:

  • Vimmia, out of the Laurie Hasson showroom – these looks are so stylish, yet still functional for workouts
  • Sen – soft, luxurious knits perfect to layer over your workout apparel for a gym-to-day look
  • Taylor & Tessier has the most exquisite handmade jewelry – our owner’s wife, Angie, actually found this line during a trip to Aspen

5. So you attended March market, who and what did you buy? What was your favorite piece?

We loved McGuire’s adorable blouses and jeans— perfect for a casual day look with a touch of high-end fashion details. Central Park West had the most unique blouses andsweaters, so we really struggled to narrow our purchases down with this line! Jules Kae was a trendy find as well with their quality leather handbags and accessories. Weordered some whimsical fur pom pom keychains from their line. These are so popular right now and can be used as an accessory for your keys or to add a special touch as a bagcharm to your favorite handbag.

6. Were you buying any one-item type in particular?

In shopping for The Coop, we were searching for that needle in a haystack – unique items for our customers’ wardrobes that can’t be found just anywhere. Shilla had someamazing pieces without a minimum order, ideal for our boutique shop, as we try to purchase smaller quantities to keep the inventory fresh and exciting for our regular customerbase. Shilla offered fashion forward contemporary pieces that could translate to many body types and make every woman feel good.

7. Did you purchase any unexpected must-haves / did anything jump out at you that you didn’t know you needed?

We were delighted with the distinctive sweaters and blouses by Central Park West. We were not planning to see this line at market, but fell in love with the styles as we walkedby.  The details and prints on the sweaters made them really stand out as we walked by – the lines were flattering (which can be hard with thicker sweater material). Theycarried over some major fashion trends for the fall including ruffles, unique backs and faux fur.

8. What are you planning to purchase for fall season? Will you be focusing on anything specific? 

For the fall season, The Coop will feature modern workout apparel alongside contemporary apparel and accessories. We always strive to find new designers each season and cancount on FIG to have the best representation from California and New York. 

9. What item / trend has been a top seller so far this year?

Our favorite trend as buyers has been socially conscious lines like FashionABLE, 31 Bits and good hYOUman.  We admire that these product lines help those in need, and it’s alsoan important attribute that our customers have voiced as well.

10. Is there a specific celebrity style or style icon that inspires you?

 People with kindness and compassion are motivating.  The people we work with at Cooper Aerobics, and especially our owners in the Cooper family, are inspiring!

11. What is your favorite part about owning and running a store?  

 Being able to operate the store within Cooper Fitness Center is just the best. Our Cooper teammates and the compassionate customers we get to serve on a daily basis makerunning The Coop so rewarding.  We have regular customers who  come to the fitness center daily and have become like family. We love that now when we go to market we canshop specifically for their taste as we know the cut and lines they buy time and time again. We also welcome visitors from all over the world visiting our campus within theCooper Aerobics Center for their Clinic exam or staying in Cooper Hotel – we love hearing their stories. 

12. Do you have anything big / different planned for Fall or in 2017 in general?

 We love the hunt of finding the newest lines and pieces. It’s so refreshing to bring our unexpected, new twists to the shopping experience for our customers, so we have recentlydebuted social shopping events inside the store. We’re able to highlight some unique vendors that we want to test out with our clients and found that our regulars love theexclusive face time with the reps and designers. This month we have featured Samser Designs, KarmaLit + 31 Bits and Sarah White for Trunk Show Tuesdays. 


The Coop is located at 12100 Preston Rd., Dallas, TX 75230. You can also visit their website and Facebook below!

The Coop

The Coop- Facebook

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