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MAY 17

Our Favorite Looks for Memorial Day Weekend!

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The perfect vacation weekend calls for all the best outfits so you can attend all your favorite events in style. Now, your only worry is where the Uber is to pick you up rather than what to wear. From weekend gala’s, to planting in the garden, to attending the latest concert, or dining with your besties on your favorite restaurant patio, we have created this unique Memorial Day look book to insure our FIG Fashionistas look perfect for every occasion.

1. Garden Time

Goldie London (Gallery 201; Dakota Showroom)

Whether you purchased your first succulent plant or you are working in the garden. Check out our Garden Time Look book showcasing our shop by the Goldie London Label, so no matter the circumstance, you can plant in style.

2. Weekend Gala

BCBG Maxazria (Gallery 205)

Start your Memorial Weekend off right by dressing in designer BCBG for your gala event this weekend. Wear one of these unique and elegant gowns to insure a deserving spotlight when you attend this weekend’s finest affair.

3. Weekend Concert

Laura Siegel (Gallery 150; EM Productions)

Let’s pretend that Coachella is not over and attend another concert or festival this Memorial Day weekend in one of our brands, Laura Siegel. From maxi dresses to two piece outfits & your favorite hats to top off any outfit, Laura Siegel brings you a wide range of weekend ready outfits.

4. Sunday Brunch

Acler (Gallery 126; Agent Icon Showroom)

Check out our Acler Collection by grabbing a cute colorful clutch and picking out one of these classy yet urban outfits for a seat on the patio this weekend with some of your girlfriends.

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