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JUL 11

Best Dressed Celebs at Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture

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Fans of fashion are getting their fill of fabulous from Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture. The Dior show prompted celebrity fans of the fashion house to arrive in their most incredible outfits. Chanel pushed new boundaries with staggering, punk-inspired runways and a bevy of famous faces. Here are a few of our best-dressed celebs from these fashionable fetes and more.

Charlize Theron dazzled in a gold, backless mini by Dior. The old adage “if you’ve got it, flaunt it,” comes to mind, and Charlize surely has it.

Jennifer Lawrence also appeared at the Dior show sporting a black and white asymmetrical number by the fashion house. We love Jen’s summer tan paired with her crisp white skirt. The shoes, while structured, are a fun touch.

Oliva Palermo may have worn shorts and a ball gown skirt for her nuptials, but the fashionista opts for a skirt and blazer combo at Dior. We love Olivia’s color-blocked collar, paired with printed sleeves and coordinating accessories.

Emma Watson looked incredible while heading to the Dior dinner. She took a risk by showing so much leg, but maintained her poise with a structured blouse and ladylike pumps.

Does Anna Wintour ever make a critical fashion mistake? We say, no. Fashion’s-most-intimidating rocked a trendy snakeskin jacket, and coordinating dress on her way into the Chanel show. Proving you can look perfect at any age.

Kendall Jenner was a surprise face at Chanel’s Haute Couture show. She rocked the 80’s punk-inspired do, and envelope-pushing design. We have a feeling her star is still rising.

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