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AUG 08

New & Relocated Lines at FIG Market

posted by: FIG

TGIF! Buyers, the Holiday/Resort market at FIG begins next Wednesday! To keep you in the loop, here are the new and relocated lines you can expect to find while here. For more information, please click on the Directory of Exhibitors tab.

The Holiday/Resort Market is August 13-15.

Market Hours:
Wednesday, August 13: 9am – 6pm
Thursday, August 14: 9am – 6pm
Friday, August 15: 9am – 5pm

See you soon!

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Julii Julii said...
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Susana Susana said...
I find it interesting when grpous try to pretend that they are NOT about revenue generation, when their event is all about making money. It impacts all they do (speaker selection, food choices, level of quality of decor, nametags, etc ).It is not a bad thing to host the event to make money, but when they pretend they are all about delivering an experience to the attendees . they will come up short (on both).
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