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FEB 21

Best Oscar Gowns of All Time

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 TGIF! Only one more week until the Academy Awards red carpet mania begins! We thought we would take a look back at some of our all-time favorite gowns from award seasons past.

Charlize Theron stunned in 2000 in an orange Vera Wang confection. The plunging back of the dress caused quite a stir, and we know only Charlize could pull off a dress like that.

Julia Roberts looked classically beautiful in Valentino in 2001. She took home the Academy Award for Best Actress that evening, and dazzled red carpet reports.

Jennifer Lopez surprised everyone in a mint green Valentino gown in 2003. The fresh color and retro-inspired silhouette were the perfect combination.

Michelle Williams boldly selected a marigold dress by Vera Wang in 2006, and her risk paid off. We love the vintage details, and her perfect red pout.

Kate Hudson went ultra-glam in a pale blush dress by Atelier Versace in 2003. A true golden girl that night, she wows in a gown that reportedly took over 500 hours to create.

Hillary Swank shocked movie-goers in 2005 with her role in Million Dollar Baby. She shocked fashion fans everywhere when she donned the infamous Guy Laroche navy dress on the red carpet.

Looking perfectly polished, we loved Sandra Bullock in Marchesa in 2010. She nabbed the award for Best Actress that evening, and we couldn’t have picked a better gown for that spectacular moment.

Who wore your favorite Oscar gown of all-time? 

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