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JUL 14

Coveted Cover-Ups

posted by: FIG

Summer is full of pool parties, beach barbeques, and lakeside libations, but what does one wear over a swimsuit? We know it can be challenging to look fashionable while staying cool and covered, so we’ve found a few of our favorite cover-ups just for you!

Bobi is known for their easy LA style, and flattering silhouettes. This red cotton blend mini is great for a day at the beach (as pictured) or out for errands on any given day. The loose fit skirt and blousy top work perfectly over swimwear.

Pink Stitch has an entire line of multi-colored maxis perfect to throw-and-go over a swimsuit. We love this playful chevron print for summer. This is perfect for a posh pool party, and again can be worn almost anywhere.

French Connection not only makes incredible swimsuits, they also make the perfect cover-ups to mix and match. We love the trendy geometric pattern featured on this breezy tunic. A tie at the waist will give you shape without constricting.

Hunter Bell gives us a bit of glam in this beaded, white tunic. Clean and sophisticated, this piece will last you for many summers to come, and will go over any suit! Pair with bold lips and accessories (as pictured) for a high-society look, or play it easy in flats.

You can’t go wrong with any of these fabulous frocks. Share your favorite summer cover-up with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! 

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