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JAN 20

Must-Have Monday :: What the FIGlets are Wearing!

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Our Spring 2 market is around the corner, and our FIGlets are ready to go! Check out their latest looks for this market. Get yours today!

Outfit 1: Top by Jay Godfrey paired with Denim by Mia and Moss. We love the surprising detail found on this silk blouse by Jay Godfrey. Pair it with this classic skinny and you have the perfect outfit to transition from day to night!

Outfit 2: Dresses by Susana Monaco. Susana Monaco is known for her sleek designs and bold colors. We love these form-fitting dresses and their unique details. Show off some skin in the low back u dress, or prep up your style with Catherine. These looks come in several colors, and the accessory options are endless!

Outfit 3: Top by Rosebud Los Angeles paired with denim/leggings by Paige Premium Denim, and Mangrove Scarf. Leather is at the top of our trend list this season, and we love these options by Paige Premium Denim. Coated denim is a cost-effective alternative to leather, and can be worn throughout the year. This simple silhouette from Rosebud Los Angeles paired with a Mangrove scarf completes this trendy ensemble.

Buyers, find these looks and many more at our Spring 2 market, January 22-24. See you soon! 

Zaiya Zaiya said...
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