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FEB 03

Pops of Color

posted by: FIG

We’ve got something to brighten your day. Bold, bright colors are BIG for spring. Not sure about wearing head-to-toe color? No problem! Start small and dress up a neutral outfit with a bright handbag. These bags are sure to wake-up any outfit you put together.

  1. Buzo Petite Cross-body bag by Monserat de Lucca – cross-body bags are perfect for the girl on the go. We love the bright fuchsia hue of this perfectly sized bag, and the leather detail adds a touch of luxury.
  2. Laurence bag by Presmer – nothing screams luxe like python. Presmer offers this signature style in several colors. We love this bright pop of orange paired with nude or white ensembles.
  3. Organic Leather Tote by Halston Heritage – Emerald accessories are still trending, and we love the shape of this sleek tote. Minimal is magical, especially in bold colors. 
  4. Hyde bag by French Connection – This coral bag packs great versatility. Wear it across your body, or carry it like a satchel.

What bold color are you obsessed with for spring? Let us know! 

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