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MAY 14

Printed Daring Denim

posted by: FIG

Happy Wednesday! Everyone owns a favorite pair of jeans, but this spring is all about change. Add some excitement to your denim collection by incorporating printed denim into your mix. Here are a few of our favorite styles for spring.

The Stiletto in Camel Leopard by Current/Elliot gives your denim collection a wild side. We love the subdued print on a great neutral for a more fashion-forward animal print. Wear with a classic tee or clean white shirt.

The James Zipper Skinny in Seraphim by Genetic makes us feel pretty, oh so pretty! Hues of blue and a watercolor-inspired motif make these the perfect pair for spring.

The Super Skinny in White Marble by Henry & Belle gives us the good kind of throwback. The grey tone gives this vintage wash a modern twist. These jeans are perfect to pair with bright colors, pops of neon, or classic black.

The James Twiggy in Bouquet is another favorite for springtime. This girly floral adds flare with hints of turquoise, pink and purple. We say less is more when pairing with this bold print, so keep the top simple.

We would love to know if you have a favorite pair of printed denim. Share it with us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram! 

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