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AUG 06

Naturally Noticeable Necklaces

posted by: FIG

Jewelry is always the finishing touch to every outfit. This summer, we are obsessed with nature-inspired necklaces from a few of our favorite designers.

The Peruvian Turquoise Wrap Necklace from Blee Inara is said to have calming effects (yes, please) and can also keep the wearer alert and in touch with reality. Tiny beads layer the cord and add a fun texture. Wear this long and solo, or layer with your other favorite pieces.

The Joan Choker in clear quartz from B.Stellar makes a modern statement with a raw stone. The geometric proportions of this necklace will make any neckline stand out. Subtle, yet eye-catching, this necklace is perfect for any summer frock.

Gold and Gray give us the Moss Agate and Bone necklace for a unique bauble. We love the contrasting colors of the stones and bone accented with gold pieces. This necklace wraps easily, so wear long or short with a neutral palate for maximum impact.

The Larageth necklace from BuJu Jewelry uses multiple textures to create a stellar, nature-inspired necklace. Tiny beads intersect leather and larger beads before collecting at a dramatic quartz pendant. Again, this necklace wraps and can be worn long or short. The leather fringe tips will add an interesting style element to your outfit if worn to the front as opposed to the back.

Three Bishops knows how to use natural stones in their collections, and the Lilly necklace is no exception. Tiny beaded strands accentuate the black torum drop pendant. This raw-cut stone is bold, so wear with bright colors to make it pop!

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