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JAN 14

Cropped BF Denim

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Happy Wednesday! Winter may be around for a few more months, but we can’t wait to wear new 2015 spring trends. You’ve been wearing boyfriend or relaxed denim since last season, but this year it is all about adding a cropped hem to that signature style. Check out a few of our favorites for spring!

The AXL by Fidelity Denim is the brands signature “girlfriend” jean, which caters more to the female figure than classic boyfriend styles.

The Alexa by Genetic is a slim boyfriend which will flatter a variety of figures throughout the season.

James Jeans puts their own spin on this trend with the Neo Beau Gossip boyfriend cut jean. This relaxed fit has some added tailoring to give you more shape than a standard boyfriend cut.

The Cropped Ellis from JBrand is modeled after their bestselling style the classic Ellis. This is more of a drastic cut, so we do not recommend folding the hem unless you are very petite.

The Phoebe Jean by MiH is the brand’s original boyfriend jean. Of our top picks, this is the most classic boyfriend cut available. Keep in mind to pair your relaxed jeans with a more fitted shirt for a polished look. 

Buyers, find these brands and many more in SHOP on our 2nd floor during market January 21-23. Share your favorite denim trends with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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Budi Budi said...
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