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JAN 08

Transition Booties

posted by: FIG

Booties are hotter than ever, and we want to take ours from winter to spring. Temps are still chilly, but warmer weather is just around the corner. Check out a few of our favorite styles to transition from winter to spring.

What should you look for in a bootie that can walk from season-to-season? The key to transitioning your style is to keep colors in neutral palates, and classic shapes. The following tips are sure to help you when picking out the perfect pair:

  1. Neutral Prints: Snakeskin is a HUGE trend right now, and neutral colors are king when wearing shoes year-round. We love this heeled bootie from BCBGMAXAZRIA. Plenty of coverage for winter, and just enough skin to slide into spring.
  2. Navy: Navy is the ultimate color neutral, and can soften a look more so than a style in black. Dressy enough for night, and perfect for a spring day. Don’t be afraid to pair this color with black and jewel tones in winter, and pop them out with a fresh white frock in spring. We love this pair by Joie.
  3.  Taupe: You can’t go wrong with a taupe or nude pair of booties. Nude colors elongate the leg, and can be worn with anything… literally… anything! We love this pair by Dolce Vita.
  4. Mixed Media Details: We are obsessed with this pair of booties from Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent. The closed-toe leather bootie is perfect for cold weather, while the embroidery detail will carry this right into spring. Look for booties with a contrasting detail or colors to give them more variety.

These tips are sure to give your booties a leg up on the next season.

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Kazuyoshi Kazuyoshi said...
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