An International Flavor at Dallas Show

February 2005
An International Flavor at Dallas Show

By Holly Haber

DALLAS — The summer market at Fashion Industry Gallery was a global affair, where the hottest items were Indian-influenced tops sparked with sequins or beads, African-inspired wood jewelry and Mexican-style printed circle skirts — all interpreted with Western sensibility.

The four-day market ended Jan. 23 at FIG, which specializes in contemporary and fashion-forward clothing and accessories.

“People want summery, easy-to-wear pieces, like long shorts; long, flowy skirts, and Mexican-style skirts,” said Ashleigh Van Pelt, Dallas sales representative for the Laurie Hasson showroom, which shows lines such as Trina Turk and Tom K. Nguyen. “We’ve sold a ton of tunics from every one of our designers.’’

Missy Altus, owner and buyer of Nono’s in El Paso, Tex., said, “There’s a lot of bohemian, Far Eastern influence and a lot of embellishment, which I love.”

Altus said she ordered Calma’s black gauze halter with a bright silver diamond beaded on the front, adding, “I’m filling in for summer, and if they have early fall, I’m ready to jump on it.”

One of the few resources showing fall was Parameter. Altus ordered a cream V-neck sweater accented with rose appliqués and ribbon trim, a persimmon-tiered ruffled blouse and a vintage-looking red tweed cropped jacket with rabbit trim and a brooch closure.

Accessories for immediate delivery through March were the main draw for Marisela Higgins, owner of Studio 55 Day Spa and Salon in Laredo, Tex.

“Business is great,” Higgins said. “I’ve ordered lots of bohemian jewelry in wood, turquoise and semiprecious stones.”

Among her finds were Gerard Yosca’s wood-bead jewelry mixed with brass and colorful glass beads, NuNu’s pearl and sterling S-shape chandelier earrings, Christopher Roca’s wood- and turquoise-beaded jewelry and Pono’s chunky wood bracelets.

For Kristen Ernst and her mother, Gretchen Richards, co-owners of Grove Hill in San Antonio, it was all about trendy items for the expanded store’s new department of jeans, T-shirts, belts and accessories. The pair favored marabou-trimmed T-shirts by 525 Made in America, sequined silk chiffon and gauze tops by Splurge and Glam and T-shirts accented with crystals by My Flat in London.

“There is sparkle on everything I bought today, except Craig Taylor shirts,” Ernst said.

Glitter was also irresistible to Donna Chalker, owner of Avant contemporary boutique in Dallas.

“I love Streets Ahead’s embellished jeans with sparkle and studs,” she said. “People come to me for interesting detail.”

She also was impressed with Love Junkie’s embroidered washed cotton shirts and pants, La Rok’s gray washed pants with slouchy suspenders, Calma’s orange beaded tie-dye top and Yoana Baraschi’s Fifties-inspired printed sundresses with sequins.

Molli Finnegan, owner of Molli in Lafayette, La., rounded out her spring and summer inventory with such items as Fashionista’s brown and white print capri pants and white voile skirt inset with lace.