May 2011

May 13, 2011


Trade-Show Organizers Strive to Add Value to Their Events


Emma Greathouse


Fashion Industry Gallery in Dallas

FIG is the hip, boutique wholesale fashion venue showcasing the industry’s best in women’s contemporary sportswear and accessories—all within a high-design, hospitality-rich environment located in the Arts District of downtown Dallas. 

FIG remains focused on our goal to become a singular destination for women’s high-end fashion, attracting the best-of-breed buyers and designers to our venue. We remain committed to exceeding the industry standard for providing the level of service and environment that the fashion industry merits. Given the challenging nature of our recent economic climate, FIG is committed to remaining as nimble and accommodating as necessary, in an effort to exceed the needs of our tenants, exhibitors and buyers. 

Our former director, Shelli Mers, recently decided to move back to the Northwest to be closer to her family. As a result, FIG restructured its staff internally as a means to allow us to seamlessly continue to maintain the quality and execution of our trade shows. Former Brook Partners (FIG’s parent company) Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Matt Roth, was named FIG’s chief executive, while I was promoted from sales manager to director. John Sughrue, FIG’s prior chief executive and founder, was named chairman. 

We feel that maintaining the consistency and experience of our staff is critical for FIG to be able to continue to offer the superior level of quality service and operating expertise that our tenants and customers have come to expect, and we remain committed to further improving and enhancing the FIG experience for all of our customers, clients and guests. 

We recognize that our attendees prefer not only the convenience of FIG’s location but also the unique and urbane environment that FIG offers. It’s that location and high-design atmosphere coupled with a service level that is second to none in the industry that will provide the framework for our focus and direction in both the near and long-term future. Additionally, we remain committed to identifying and pursuing new and bold opportunities to continue to grow the FIG brand.