Designer Cynthia Vincent talks caftans, contemporary fashion and Talitha Getty

November 2012
Designer Cynthia Vincent talks caftans, contemporary fashion and Talitha Getty

By Rachel Abrams

Cynthia Vincent, designer of Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent, a contemporary line known for its bold prints, traveled from New York City to Dallas for spring market at Fashion Industry Gallery. To get some insight into her line, we chatted with Vincent, who knew at age 6, that fashion was her future.

CultureMap: What inspired your spring 2013 collection?

Cynthia Vincent: I was inspired by various cultures. I looked at Uzbekistan and Mayan tribes. For a modern look, I manipulated Ikat prints and Aztec designs, mixing different patterns. I think of Talitha Getty going to Morocco, in the '70s. 

CM: What influenced your resort wear collection?

CV: Venice Beach meets Marlon Brando. I was at a party when I met his architect, and the idea just came to me. I love the flower print — and vintage meets modern look — on some of the key pieces. And, of course, bright, bold colors. 

CM: It seems like there's a sense of nostalgia for another time period — does the past greatly influence you?

CV: I certainly have a romantic perspective. Quality was different. The industry was different then. But today, fashion is very exciting. People can really express themselves. 

CM: What can we look forward to for fall 2013?

CV: Think of a nomadic girl in urban life, wearing faux fur, leathers and lots of knits. 

CM: What's your perspective on contemporary fashion?

CV: I love that you don't design throwaway clothes — you can and should take them from season to season. That's the biggest compliment to me, when I see people wearing my dress from three years ago. 

CM: What do you, personally, love this fall? 

CV: Bordeaux and raisin-colored clothing. When I haven't seen something in a while, I just gravitate toward it as it's reintroduced. 

CM: What should every girl have in her closet?

CV: A caftan, for day-to-night wear. It's perfect, even for shorter girls.

Culture Map Dallas - Saturday, November 3, 2012