Julie Chaiken Stars in Dallas

November 2007
Julie Chaiken Stars in Dallas

California Apparel News


By: Robert McAllister  


San Francisco designer Julie Chaiken of Chaiken was the guest of honor at the Fashion Industry Gallery's Oct. 23-26 Spring I market in Dallas. Chaiken was in the spotlight during the opening-night party as part of a TV-like question-and-answer session. She met with retailers and showed highlights of her initial Spring rollout, which features a "sand and sea" theme with high-rise trousers and print dresses.

"It's inspired by Mediterranean architecture," said Chaiken, who paid her first visit to Dallas in several years. "It's almost like a mini-L.A. now. It was a great market" The designer showed her entire collection, which now includes contemporary, maternity and eyewear (with Linda Farrow). The designer shows at Designers and Agents during Los Angeles markets and with Federico Mariel at FIG.