Q-and-A: New York designer Jay Godfrey says Dallas women are tasteful, colorful dressers

October 2011
Q-and-A: New York designer Jay Godfrey says Dallas women are tasteful, colorful dressers

by Laura Noble

Young, New York-based designer Jay Godfrey breezed through Dallas for 48 hours to showcase the latest styles from his eponymous line and to fete with local fashionistas at Ross Avenue’s Fashion Industry Gallery (f.i.g.). Those in the world of ready-to-wear may already be thinking about spring 2012, but Godfrey took a few moments to talk about the present, his time in Dallas, and about how to cope with the cooler temperatures while still looking sartorial.

Pegasus News: How do you like Dallas?

Jay Godfrey: I love Dallas! I love how women here tend to embrace color, care about their wardrobe, and are always so alive and gorgeous.

What about the stereotypes? Seen much big hair and J.R. Ewing aesthetics?

Actually, no. I have yet to see one woman with big Dallas hair. I’m always so impressed by how on-target everyone is here. Dallas women are good about wearing things that are close to the silhouette but are never distasteful or too far. Dallas is a vibrant and modern city that's all it’s own. I love that it’s not New York. It’s Dallas.

Favorite places to eat here now that you’ve been to Dallas a few times?

Well who doesn’t like Mi Cocina? I always love a Mambo Taxi and queso there. I hear I may be going to Victor Tango’s tonight.

What are some key trends to look for right now for fall/winter shopping?

Deep reds and lady-like lace trims on just about anything.

Tips for Dallas shoppers as this colder weather approaches?

Every woman needs a good, classic raincoat and a scarf. I love a scarf. I even wear them to the beach.

We know you’re here at f.i.g. to talk about spring, and as far away as that sounds right now, what are you predicting for trends?

Well my collection focuses a lot on the ‘60s. I’ve tried to stay away from anything too literal, but that’s the general influence. I’m doing a lot of color blocking and focusing on a mod look.

When you started the line six years ago, why did you choose to name it after yourself?

Well I’ve always looked up to great designers like Halston and CoCo Chanel. It seems every great fashion house comes from a visionary who named their line after themselves.

How do you begin designing your collections each season?

I’ve always designed based on listening. I love working with flowy silks, longer lengths, and even the color white. All of these elements came from listening to what women want in what they’re wearing.

What’s on your iPod?

Kings of Leon. Gossip. Carla Bruni. Rolling Stones. I love the Stones. Lenny Kravitz. Black Keys. B.B. King. I have pretty eclectic tastes, I guess.

Pegasus News - Friday, October 18, 2011