We Have A (Huge) Mom Crush On Designer Cynthia Vincent

January 2013
We Have A (Huge) Mom Crush On Designer Cynthia Vincent

By Joslyn Taylor

Who she is: Cynthia Vincent, renowned fashion designer beloved by the boho chic set and mom to six-year-old Theanna.

Why we love her: We had a chance to sit down with Cynthia when she was in town last fall as FIG’s visiting designer. What was supposed to be a 20 minute chat turned into nearly two hours of laughing, talking, sharing ideas, and, quite frankly, falling for Cynthia pretty hard. Friends, there’s just so much to love. For example, she’s coming up on the tenth anniversary of her wildly successful, clothing line while being a single mom to an insanely adorable six year old. Oh and she’s got the work/life balance thing down pat. She has wicked good taste in music, takes her daughter on treks to Tulum and China, can’t live without ice cream, and regularly partakes in backward day, wherein she and Theanna wake up to dessert and end the day with breakfast. She’s funny, smart, laid back, warm, and supremely cool.

Herewith a peek into Cynthia’s world. 



On her iPod: I live for music. Frank OceanSBRTKTKennaSantigoldMichael Kiwanuka, and The Duke Spirit are all in heavy rotation.

What she’s reading: Among the stack of six or so unread books on my nightstand, you’ll find a copy of my daughter Theanna’s The Lightening Thief, a book of Rumi poetry, and I Was Told There’d Be CakeThere are currently a few TV shows that I’m pretty addicted to, including House of Lies, Mad Men, Girls (it’s hard to watch, it’s so real), and Weeds (which might explain the unread books).

Her must have beauty products: Stila Tinted sunscreen (I’m friends with founder Jeanine Lobell, and I swear by anything she creates) and Smashbox primer. I’m also totally devoted to Protective Nourishment skin care. It’s a line founded by the genius Yong Lee. The products are natural and mostly preservative free, but it’s really cutting edge. I love it.

Her uniform: I always reach for a caftan from my lineAmerican Apparel leggings, and an armful of bangles.

Her go-to meals: We love shrimp paella and sushi. I’m really making an effort to cook more to get Theanna excited about it. We’ve been baking a lot lately too and try to make something new every month.

What she can’t live without: Music, ice cream, a good felt pen, and a sketchpad.

Her tip for balancing work and family: From the very beginning, I’ve integrated Theanna into every aspect of my work life. When she was a week an a half old I brought her to the office for the first time, we eventually set up a nursery there so she could be near me all day. And she’s always travelled with me everywhere. Now that she’s six, she comes in to help me design once a week or so. But my biggest tip for balancing work and family life is to bepresent. In the mornings, evenings, and on weekends, I’m 100% mom. I try not to succumb to any work distractions during that time. After I drop her off at school, I’m all work. Yes, the two worlds inevitably bleed and blend from time to time, but I try incredibly hard to keep things compartmentalized.

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